Nothing bolsters a groundbreaking cybersecurity program like a robust alumni network and well-established professional partnerships.

The relationships forged by TU and its alumni have paved routes to some of the nation’s top companies, including internationally known organizations, such as Amazon, Instagram, Google, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

In addition to strong alumni ties, TU offers a number of vibrant student groups, organizations and events.

Cybersecurity Events and Organizations

Annual events, such as the Tulsa Cyber Summit, confirm that Tulsa is a hub for cybersecurity and the latest trends and developments shaping the field.

The University of Tulsa Cybersecurity Consortium is another dynamic resource to ensure students and members of the Tulsa community are supported and kept up to speed regarding developments in cyber industries.

The University of Tulsa’s Cyber Corps is a designated Center of Excellence in Cyber Operations. Its mission: train students in the art and science of cyberwarfare, preparing them for professional careers with the intelligence community and the Department of Defense. Tulsa’s Institute for Information Security (iSec) is a multidisciplinary program of study and research tackling cybersecurity issues on a global scale.