The online M.S. in Cyber Security experience

To thrive professionally, cybersecurity students need real-world practice with the latest technologies. That’s why we facilitate live discussions and interactions to complement learning materials.

The technical and professional skills developed in our online M.S. in Cyber Security program are highly sought after by federal government agencies, national laboratories, law enforcement and intelligence communities, as well as world-renowned Fortune 500 companies.

Student support

Students graduate from the online M.S. in Cyber Security program with a network of faculty and peer connections that provide a strong complement to the skills, feedback and real-world applications gained during the program.

We understand the importance of developing lasting working and personal relationships with fellow students and future colleagues. To be successful, students need opportunities to connect with each other and faculty outside of the classroom. This is why our online education programs offer 24/7 tech support, virtual office hours with faculty, group work and collaboration, and both asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities.


If you have additional questions or wish to schedule time to speak with an enrollment adviser, please make an appointment. You can also call us at 539-202-2224 or email us.