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Learn more about the groundbreaking work and crucial contributions TU graduates (including alumni of the M.S. in Cyber Security program) are making in their respective fields.
Cybersecurity team headed to global finals
University of Tulsa
December 14, 2021
TU in Top 25 nationally for cyber security academics
University of Tulsa
October 21, 2021
TU Cybersecurity Expert Addresses Tulsa Ransomware Attack
May, 2021
Pentagon Expands Hacker Program to All Publicly Accessible Information Systems
May, 2021
Cybersecurity in the Time of Covid-19
February, 2021
Crypto Pump And Dumps Aim Small Amid Speculative Trading Frenzy
February, 2021
University of Tulsa helping lead project to build up nation’s cybersecurity workforce
Tim Stanley
January, 2021
City Of Tulsa, OU Confirm They Are Customers Of Company Hit By Cyberattack
News on 6
December, 2020
Literati Award Winners 2020
Information and Computer Security
November, 2020
Time Theft at Work Is Bad, Except When It’s Not
Megan Baskin
November, 2020
Data protection officer responsibilities and role importance
Tech Target - Search Data Management
November, 2020
Could the U.S. Presidential election be hacked?
October, 2020
Tyler Moore discusses “Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure in Cryptocurrencies”
Communications of the ACM - Review Article
October, 2020
Alabama State Agency’s Meeting Zoom-Bombed With Porn, Hitler References
September 11, 2020
High-grade grifter. Twitter’s disinformation potential. Hacking vaccine research and doxing trade talks. What Iran’s hackers are up to. And CISA says, for heaven’s sake, patch already.
The Cyber Wire Daily Podcast
July 20, 2020
Could Iran Wage a Cyber War?
The National Interest
June 20, 2020
Memorize these scripts so you can call out microaggressions at work and support your colleagues
Business Insider
June 17, 2020
Some workers can still collect unemployment benefits if they’re called back to work — here’s how
Business Insider India
June 17, 2020
Twitter getting better at detecting fraudulent accounts
SC Media
June 3, 2020